Motorcycle Key fob Redesign on the KodaKey

Hey everyone! This is Koda and I am happy to announce the redesign of the KodaKey. I sent out a survey and nearly 60 people responded to it telling me how the KodaKey could be improved. Almost everyone mentioned two things that they disliked.

The motorcycle key fob is too long for their keys

motorcycle key fobWhen the KodaKey was first designed, I did not research on how long the average motorcycle key was and made it too long for the average key. About three quarters of an inch was taken off and now the key fob is more manageable without the excess, unnecessary leather.

The motorcycle key fob should hold more keys

Especially for the thick plastic keys, the old design could fit maybe one or two extra keys. With the new design, we have calculated the best cut and angle of fold to maximize the amount of keys that are able to fit in the key holder.motorcycle key fob

Along with the changes above, we have also managed to get a better cut on the leather which minimizes the amount of frail edges around the leather. The magnetic snaps are also offset to get even farther from the ignition. As of now, we still have not found a suitable substitute for the metal snaps, but that is going to be on our list of things to do in 2016.

When can you get the new motorcycle key fob?

In February we will launch a kickstarter for the KodaKey 2.0. We will make a new video showing off the new KodaKey and send them to various customers to test them out for future use. We also plan on creating a package for the KodaKey in order to better display the product in stores. Since the inception of the KodaKey, we have had the goal of getting this motorcycle key fob to everyone. We know quite well how annoying scratches are and want to help our fellow motorcycle riders along the journey.

Stop using the regular motorcycle key fobs and switch to the KodaKey today!

Again, with the redesign you get two improvements. Hold more keys. More compact design. Watch for our kickstarter. Like us on facebook too!

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