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2 thoughts on “Surviving a Motorcycle Accident: Speed, Helmets and Souvenirs

  1. Wow! What a story! I am glad you learned a much needed lesson. My boys were also VERY lucky to be alive today. Living in Salt Lake City at the time, they wanted a car. They were ages 16, & 18. I told them if they could find a way to purchase not only the car, have money to do buy proper insurance, pay for their own gas and repairs, they could get a car. I never expected them to manage to do just that! I could not go back on my word, but was very worried about what may be ahead of me with them on the roads.

    I was to learn much later after the situations happened. but one day, the car was not home and the boys were. They told me they had to take it to the repair shop, but did not know what the problem was. The problelm was, they had taken an off ramp off of I-5 right above what now is a Home Depot store. They were doing in excess of 100 MPH, and the car flipped off the ramp into the field below them! They were acting as if they were hurting, but said they had a rough PE teacher who really worked them hard. Had I known it was a car accident, I would have gotten them to a doctor right away! I think everything turned out OK, but will never know if some of the issues they deal with today were caused by that incident, or not.

    Thank goodness you and they all survived. Speed never gets us any where good!

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