A Careless Motorcyclist Isn’t A Cool Motorcyclist

I’d like to share the story of when my dad had a little motorcycle accident. When my mom was in the hospital with a broken back, in a noncoherent of state, he asked if he could buy a motorcycle. So of course when she was back in her right mind and realized that he’d bought a bike, she was displeased. Not because it wasn’t cool, but because he’s responsible for taking care of 7 kids and a wife and he’d better darn well not be a careless motorcyclist. He’d sold his bike when they started having kids. I guess in his mind, we (his kids) were no longer young, impressionable, or at risk.

One day we were doing things that normal people do, my mom received a phone call from my dad saying he’d gotten injured on his bike. He’d taken his dirt/street bike up into the mountains for a bit of fun and dislocated his shoulder. (Aside: his shoulder really hasn’t been the same since). She had to drive up there and take him to the hospital, more angry than sad.  It’s not stopped him from riding, but he uses his bike as much more of a toy than a transportation device since. But boy, would I have been mad if something worse had happened.

If your general goal in getting a motorcycle is to pick up girls, get a truck. In my opinion, they’re much sexier. If a motorcycle and a truck collided, definite truck win. If you want to actually talk and socialize, truck win. If you want to stop worrying about helmet hair (for yourself or other female with huge amounts of hair), get an air-conditioned truck. If you want to let the neighborhood know you’re there (via a loud noise..), get a truck.

careless motorcyclist

Just a sexy truck win. Credit for the awesome truck goes to Nick Mills.

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