A Girl’s Perspective on Motorcycles

I debated for a while about what to make my first blog post about. That’s when Koda told me I should attempt to answer this question in my opinion: From a girl’s perspective on motorcycles, are they (meaning the dude on said motorcycle)  sexy? I don’t want to presume that all girls have the same opinion (because they don’t, ya silly), but here’s my female opinion.

In short: Yes. In long: maybe not. A friend of mine said what I feel encapsulates the idea pretty clearly:

“Everyone loves a bad boy, but a bad boy doesn’t make the best husband.”

Sure, you feel awesome riding on the back of it. The adrenaline hits and you feel invincible. You feel the eyes of everyone you ride past, green with envy. But what is it that makes a guy on a motorcycle so attractive?

Maybe it’s that those who ride motorcycles tend to be more carefree and willing to take risks. Maybe it’s that sleek, cool look they give you as they ride past going extra fast. Maybe it’s the fact they stick out. Maybe it’s just a cultural concept that stamps motorcyclists as sexy. Or hey, maybe it’s just because he’s a bad boy and that can be pretty attractive.  I don’t know the answer, but there’s a definite stereotype around a guy on a motorcycle.

So what’s the problem? Motorcycles are cool, but they’ve got a cost that’s more than the cost of the bike. There’s more risk. There’s more danger. You’ve probably heard it all. So I won’t talk about that now. It’s just a girl perspective on motorcycles. And there’s many more girls with many more perspectives. But hey, maybe next time?

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