Frame Sliders – Be prepared for the worst

There are two types of motorcycle riders out there.

  • Those who have gone down
  • Those who will go down

It is just a matter of time before someone goes down. In that case, it is smart to have frame sliders. In my recent accident, I was going upwards to 45 mph and am happy to say that most of the value of my motorcycle was preserved by my frame sliders. Mine were $15 on eBay and they worked miracles. They not only saved my frame from getting banged up, but also my fairings, and motor.

In my opinion, no sports bike should be riding without frame sliders. The cost of $15 frame sliders greatly outweighs the potential benefits of having them. If we look at prices of fairings alone, the cost is roughly $350-700 plus time and labor to put them on.

Here is an example of the frame sliders for sale online:

Made with shatter-proof UHMW with UV protective polymer, Shogun Motorsports Frame Sliders are tough and ready to protect your bike and components from the mean streets. Tested in the racing world and supplied with the necessary mounting hardware, the easy installation will have you ready in minutes.

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