Francis Peak Trail of Wonder

I’m going to deviate a bit from talking about how sexy a guy in a motorcycle looks and talk about a cool trail that you should consider taking your dirt bike, 4-wheeler, mountain bike, or other cool transportation device on. It’s about 10.8 miles of dirt road.

It’s called Francis peak. Here it is on a map.

How to get there:

From I-15 take the Park Lane Exit east (toward the Mountains) to 600 North. Follow 600 North to North Skyline Drive. Continue up Skyline Drive (also known as Farmington Canyon Road) into the Cache National Forest until the pavement ends. (Aside: This is where you use your sexy truck to tow your sexy 4-wheeler)

It’s a pretty simple ride, but takes you through the most gorgeous portions of the mountains. (also pretty stinking high, to an elevation of about 9,540 ft). If you are standing in Bountiful or Farminton Utah (even Morgan UT, on the other side!), you should be able to look up and see where you rode up to afterwards. It’s those two round black and white towers. (Aside: they look like salt and pepper shakers, actually).

Keep riding on the trail, with many switchbacks. You’ll come to a warehouse-y looking building (about 8 miles in). It’s got a pretty good view there. After checking it out and feeling pretty awesome, continue on the trail you came up on. It’s pretty obvious that the road goes straight past the building. Keep going up. And if there’s ever any question, head for the towers.

Also, don’t forget to consume the inordinate amount of beauty. I’d also recommend that you go here in the late summer, so that there’s not snow up there. In fact, it gets a bit cold up there so bring a jacket. Once up at the RADAR towers, take many selfies and post them to the interwebs.

Last time I went up, we went looking for the lakes you get to if you keep going. Unfortunately, it was getting pretty cold and dark, so we turned around. However, i’ve confirmed via google maps and my adventurous little brother that there are some little lakes up there. So i’d recommend going up there early enough to have some fun sun time.

And in case you’re wondering (I Googled it for you), Francis was a pioneer that helped settle Morgan Utah.

Welp, that’s it. That’s my favorite trail. Happy riding!

Francis Peak overlooking West

Francis Peak, overlooking into Davis County.

Francis Peak towers

The ‘Salt and Pepper Shakers’ atop Francis Peak!

Lookout over Morgan Utah

The lookout from the warehouse looking building, where you can see Morgan Utah.

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