Girls want the excitement of motorcycle rides

About a year ago, my roommate ‘John’ bought a motorcycle/dirt bike hybrid. He wanted it to be street legal, but also able to go off-roading, and something girls would want to ride with him, so he could get the ladies. The blue, dirt bike-looking machine he ended up with was both huge and a bit different from the small bikes and mopeds surrounding it, and it communicated power and the excitement of off-roading and adventures to the girls living around us.

John started to really get girls with his bike. The excitement of motorcycle rides around the mountains and the city proved a powerful magnet for the ladies living around us. For a while, he was the king of the complex, and girls in various apartments around would ask for rides. If he offered a ride to any girl he met, he was almost never turned down.

A few months ago, a new roommate named ‘Aaron’ moved in with John and I. Aaron decided it was time to get his own motorcycle, and he proceeded to purchase a bright red bullet bike. If John had been getting the girls before, Aaron began getting them now. The excitement factor between both bikes made Aaron’s motorcycle a winner every time, hands down.

John and Aaron park their bikes in the motorcycle parking area near our apartment, and if Aaron’s bike is ever there, the girls have no interest in John and his bike. He started stealing all the girls that John had been giving rides to before. I almost feel bad for John, because he’s lost so much of the “cool” factor, now that Aaron has showed up.

I’ve been interested in watching this, because it’s proof of a new theory I have – ladies want the excitement of motorcycle rides.

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