Key Ninja Review

I saw the Key Ninja on Amazon and on a whim I decided to buy one on their website. The main reason to this is to compare between the Key Ninja and my own product, the KodaKey. The commercial was funny, catchy, and convincing and I do agree that the Key Ninja would be useful to a lot of people. But does the Key Ninja live up to everything it claims?

Buy the Key Ninja here:

Key Ninja – Organize Up To 30 Keys, Dual LED Lights, Built In Bottle Opener (NOW IMPROVED)

Buy the KodaKey here:

KodaKey Compact Key Cover Organizer Leather Keychain

The following two columns will explain the pros and cons of each product in this key ninja review

Key Ninja ReviewKodaKey Review
– Holds up to 30 keys
– 2 LED lights
– Organizes keys
– Keys can scratch phones and around motorcycle ignition
– Half is made of plastic
– Doesn’t hold thicker plastic keys
– LED batteries can’t be changed
– Keys don’t stay in place
– Keys aren’t secure and fall out over time
– Sharp edges are protected
– Will not scratch phones in pocket
– Holds plastic head keys
– Keys are held in place with magnetic snap
– Great for motorcycles
– Organizes keys
– 100% genuine leather
– Keys don’t come loose
– Holds up to 6 keys
– No built-in LED light

There may be some bias in the previous review, but the thing that we hated the most with the Key Ninja was that our keys were so flopsy and didn’t stay in the Key Ninja. In the Key ninja review, it is not a key organizer without this important functionality. We don’t have to say it here because it is already said on Amazon. 50% of the reviews on Amazon gave the Key Ninja a 1 star rating. This is customer dissatisfaction and quite honestly not a good example of a popular product. The honest fact is that it doesn’t live up to everything it claims in its commercial or website which makes for a low rating product on Amazon.

However, there are a few things that the KodaKey can take away from this review. First, we could create a bar instead of a keyring, add more keys to the device, and somehow include an LED light.

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