Livin’ a Dangerous Motorcycle Life

After leaving you hanging on my last post about how motorcycles are sexy but dangerous, i’m here to write about the risk and the dangerous motorcycle life.

As of right now, my heart is heavy with the loss of a friend and neighbor. It makes it somewhat difficult to think of anything else. No, he didn’t die on a motorcycle. All the same, he passed away last Sunday and my heart aches with sorrow just thinking of his lonely wife and four beautiful young children and their magnificently wide brown eyes. My reflections go to how fragile, yet valuable, a life is. Perhaps i’m presuming a bit, but i’ve seen the attitude of some motorcyclists who simply feel that many of life’s risks “aren’t a big deal”. 

I’m here to say that they are. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ride. I’m saying you should be aware of the risks you undertake and take every precaution to do so safely. (Aside: even if it means wearing a dorky helmet. which, by the way, there are some pretty sexy helmets out there. Just sayin’.) Turns out, a dead rider is much less fun than an alive one. 

Understanding the risk isn’t just saying “yeah i know something bad could happen”. It’s knowing that any sort of consequence could happen to you and affect other people. If you care about other people, then you should care about what happens to yourself. (Aside: if you don’t feel like other people care about you then you are guaranteed to be totally wrong. I’ve seen that mistake made and it can have earth-shattering side effects.)

I’ve rattled enough. All I can say is, don’t do something stupid. Because it’s probably not worth it.

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