Man in one of the Righteous Motorcycle Gangs, Cheers

I have discussed in previous blog posts that the gym is something I thoroughly enjoy. I feel like than one hour at the gym is the perfect way to start out the day in order for me to feel like an absolute boss that day. Due to my passion for exercise, I got into the habit of going to the gym at 5:00 AM, and it has always been a meaningful hour of my day.

The point of this blog though is to talk about the dude in the Motorcycle Gang. Every day as I would shower after my workout, I’d see this big guy come in the locker room with a red bandana around his head and a leather motorcycle gang jacket. I used to always be intimidated by him man due to having watched The Sons of Anarchy, because those guys are crazy. It is sad that the moment I see people with these bike gang jackets, I think they’re going to beat me up and hide me in an alley way somewhere, but due to this misjudgment and misunderstanding on my part, I would make sure I avoided looking at this man in his leather jacket.

But on one particular day, this would all change. This one morning, as I was putting on my shoes, I looked at the back of this man’s jacket to read what it said, and his jacket read, “Bikers against Child Abuse.” As I read those words, I felt so foolish for having misjudged this man that way. And as I sat there feeling foolish, I also felt so impressed and touched in my heart by his example. This biker was using his size, his strength, his passion for motorcycles, and his relationships for a righteous cause, a cause that most people avoid doing anything about. A lot of us are afraid of doing good things as it is easier and more comfortable to sit at home and not make a difference in the world, but here was this guy that I was afraid of who is actually out there seeking to make a difference.

Biker against Child Abuse, man of one of these inspiring motorcycle gangs, you inspired me that day, and every morning I see you, I thank you. I promise you that the next time I see you I’ll thank you personally and sincerely. Hopefully you, the reader, feel motivated to not put labels on people as quickly as I did.

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