Motorcycle gift under $15 for him or her

Motorcycle riders care about their bike no matter what model or how old it is. All, I repeat, ALL motorcyclists have this one common issue… Their keys!

  • Keys scratch around the ignition area and ruin the most visible spot on the bike. See the following images that show the results of using multiple keys.
  • Riders resort to using one key which does not allow them to keep their house key, mail key, or other keys with them.
  • Keys can also scratch phones and wear holes in pockets.
The KodaKey prevents motorcycle key scratches like this on a Triumph T100
The KodaKey prevents motorcycle key scratches like this

KodaKey Features

  • Prevents motorcycle key scratches
  • Reduces key rattle
  • Keeps up to 6 keys on your key ring
  • 100% Genuine Leather: Durable and stylish
  • Magnetic Snap: Easily secures keys
  • Fits thick plastic keys
  • Doesn’t move around while in the ignition, even on cruisers!

These all make the KodaKey the best functional motorcycle gift available. Check out our video to see the KodaKey in action.

This motorcycle gift was made for all types of motorcycles. Cruisers, sports bikes, custom bikes, etc… Since I bought my first motorcycle, I have always had this issue with my bike. I tried using one key like everyone else, but I got locked out at least twice a week. I started experimenting with different inventions, sometimes wrapping a sock around my keys (which was very awkward) or wrapping leather around keys. After about 15 iterations of my original idea, I came to my current version which does its job of not scratching around the ignition or tank. This is the perfect gift for motorcycle riders and does not break the bank one bit.

If you are not satisfied with our suggestion of the KodaKey, send it back for a full refund. We are confident that you will like the KodaKey!

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