Motorcycle Keychain-no scratch

The KodaKey was designed by a motorcycle rider for motorcycle riders and is the ultimate no scratch motorcycle keychain available today. For those searching for motorcycle keychain no scratch

More than one key

Most riders use one key on their motorcycle key ring. This is problematic because lock-outs are frequent and lost keys happen too often. With the KodaKey, you will will always have your house key on you when you arrive home from a ride. You also don’t have to worry about multiple sets of keys around the house.

Key Scratches

The reason riders use one key is to prevent key scratches around the ignition area. The KodaKey’s patented design does not touch the ignition area at all (see video). This was tested and proven on sports bikes as well as cruisers. It not only saves your paint around the ignition of your motorcycle, but also protects your phone and other electronics from your key’s sharp edges. Other keychains are made of metal or hard plastic and easily scratch phone screens. The KodaKey covers the key’s sharp edges with 100% genuine leather and rounded magnetic snaps. You can be at peace knowing your possessions are safe from your keys.

The KodaKey prevents motorcycle key scratches like this on a Triumph T100
The KodaKey prevents motorcycle key scratches like this

KodaKey Style

The KodaKey says style all over it. It keeps your keys organized in your pocket and reduces key jingle. The magnetic snap makes opening and closing the keychain easy and convenient.

The bottom line is that the KodaKey offers what other motorcycle keychains can’t offer. More keys, no scratches, and style. So when doing a search for motorcycle keychain no scratch, you know where to go.

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