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Searching for “Motorcycle Locksmith Near Me?” – Learn from my experience

In the summer of 2014, I was going into the garage to go on a short ride on my Suzuki SV650S. I noticed that my keys were missing, and so I continued to tear the house up looking for them. After a few days of searching, I did exactly what you are doing and searched google for a Motorcycle locksmith near me. I called several shops and locksmiths, but none offered mobile service to motorcycle keys. After calling a local motorcycle shop, they referred me to a locksmith near my house. I called them, and sure enough, they didn’t offer a service that could come to my house and make a key for my motorcycle. They suggested either bringing the motorcycle to their shop or taking off the ignition and bringing it in.

What to do if you have lost motorcycle keys

I decided to take the ignition off and got all of my tools out for the job. I ended up taking off the radiator, then a few of the fairings and the brake lever. When I finally got to the ignition, my tools Allen wrench didn’t work anymore. I took a picture of the screws on the ignition and brought them to the local home depot. They said to me that it was a security screw and that I needed a different type of allen wrench. I bought the tools and removed the ignition.

The locksmith finished making my keys in a matter of minutes at a price of $25 each. Compared to $125 per key at the manufacturer, $25 was quite the deal. After all is said and done, I now keep spares to all of my keys. A key duplicate costs $5 each, and that is well worth it compared to spending the time taking a bike apart and the extra money to get a key from scratch. This is my experience searching motorcycle locksmith near me in Google and I hope it has helped.

Preventing lost motorcycle keys

The KodaKey is an excellent way to prevent losing your keys in the long run. I have lost my keys multiple times and it is frustraiting finding all of the lost-and-founds and looking at each one for your keys. You can easily write your phone number inside the leather cover and wait for someone to call you when found. This will ultimately stop you from searching motorcycle locksmith near me again!

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