Motorcycle scratches and how to remove them

Did you lay your bike down? Scratch your bike up with your keys or zippers? Or does your bike simply have minor scratches throughout?

motorcycle scratches are everywhere! This is how you remove them.

Removing motorcycle scratches will increase the resale value and make your bike look new again. But first, you gotta get rid of those light, medium, and heavy motorcycle scratches! Just do a quick search on Google to find a collection of motorcycle scratches on fairings, frames, wheels, and gas tanks.

I’m a motorcycle rider and know how irritating those scratches can be. I’ll show you proven practices that I have tested and give you instructions on how to remove light, medium, and heavy motorcycle scratches.

Light Motorcycle Scratches

These are very light scratches that you can see in the sun. If you run your fingernail over them, your nail will not catch. Usually these scratches come from the clear-coat rubbing off and therefore would need a good wax job. The video below suggests Motul scratch remover and shows you how to use it. It is very affordable at only $7 on amazon.

Motul on Amazon $7

Steps:-Clean off the scratched area.
-Put a dab of cream on a soft cloth.
-Spread it evenly on the scratches.
-Let it dry for a few minutes.
-Rub off with a clean cloth.
-Your light motorcycle scratches should be removed.

Medium Motorcycle Scratches

If you can feel the scratch with the nail of your finger, it is at least a medium scratch. These are the deapest scratches that can be removed without repainting. In the following video the guy keys his own car with the letters “SCRATCH”. The 3m scratch removal system removes it all and makes the paint look new again. You will be impressed to know that this kit costs only $15 on amazon!

3m Scratch Removal System on amazon $15

-Lightly sand area with the trizact 3000 grit paper.
-Spread polishing cream over sanded area.
-Polish out the area with the drill attachment.
-Repeat as necessary.
-Spray or rub on wax of your choosing.

Heavy Motorcycle Scratches

Sometimes motorcycle scratches are so bad that you have no choice than to sand the plastics and repaint. This usually happens after laying the bike down while going over 10 mph. Although this option is a lot more labor intensive, you can do it for under $100. It is straight forward and will save you hundreds of dollars in repairs and resale value.

The step-by-step instructions can be found downloaded on divshare.

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