SKUR Carbon Fiber Triple Tree Covers Review

If you are reading this, you are probably tired of seeing scratches on your triple tree or around the ignition. These scratches are unpleasant and can make any bike look tacky. The cause is due to loose keys around the ignition or maybe missing the ignition with your motorcycle key. The creators of the KodaKey suggest two options to fix ugly triple trees: (a) Buy a Skur Carbon Fiber cover or (b) paint your triple tree.

Skur Carbon Fiber cover

SKUR Carbon Fiber Covers

For an average price of $25, your triple tree can look as good as ever with a SKUR carbon fiber cover on those ugly scratches. When I got mine, it was a 5 minute installation on my Yamaha r6. You just peel off the back to reveal a sticky 3m adhesive. Place the sticky part over the triple clamp and you are good to go! Skur covers can be found on their website www.skurccf.com at affordable prices.

One problem I still have with the Skur Carbon Fiber cover is that it scratches 10 times faster than the original paint on the triple tree. One ride without a KodaKey revealed several scratches so I quickly put the KodaKey back on my keys to prevent scratches. See the video for more details on how this happens.

Paint your Triple Tree

The best place to get paint for your bike is the following site: www.colorrite.com. There you will find exact color matches for your triple tree and be able to paint it all or just touch it up as needed. I would recommend touching it up because that wouldn’t require as much manual labor. After you get your triple tree looking like new, you have to make sure to use one key or use a KodaKey to prevent from future scratches.

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