The KodaKey History

Scratches, noises, and getting locked out

The KodaKey stops keys from rattling and scratching around the ignition
The KodaKey prevents scratches on your gas tank cell when you are filling it.
Over time, severe wear marks appear as a result of your keys scratching around the ignition. The KodaKey fixes this.

My problem started when I noticed that my keys were jittering on the dashboard while in the ignition. It was annoying at first, but I soon got immune to the sound. Then after a few weeks, wear marks started appearing. The wear marks made me take off the other keys and I used just one. The week later, I went on a short ride around town then when I arrived back home, I was locked out of my house.

I was furious that motorcycle companies hadn’t found a solution to this issue. I did a google search for this problem and found forums saying basically the same thing, “Don’t put your other keys on there.” Read them here. I even went further and asked a few motorcycle shops around town if they had a solution to such a problem. They all said the same thing; “Just use one key.”

My solution, The KodaKey to prevent motorcycle key scratch

The KodaKey keeps your keys from scratching around the ignition area
Easy to use and will not scratch your motorcycle

This series of events led me to find a way to keep my keys on my motorcycle key ring. After an iteration of designs, I have come to the current design made with genuine leather and guaranteed not to scratch up the area around the ignition. Not only does it keep your bike clean, but also it has a bit of style that matches your phone and wallet. The magnetic snap makes it easy to move your keys in and out.

Kodakey for you

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