The Lions TT – Special offer

Special Offer for Motorcycle Keyrings

As the Lions TT gets ready for an amazing year in 2015, the KodaKey has decided to support the riding club by offering free shipping to Australia. Normally shipping has been $4-6, but now it is absolutely free due to the event coming up. Again, special offer for motorcycle keyrings shipping.

The Lions TT Owner

The owner of the Lions TT motorcycle club purchased a KodaKey (one of our motorcycle keyrings) on our latest kickstarter campaign and has been an avid supporter and fan of the KodaKey since his arrived. For the past month we have been in contact. We discussed logos on our KodaKey that would have his logo on it. We also thought about the riders and getting everything ready for them. To help the riders protect their bikes from key scratches and help them remember how much fun the Lions TT event really was.

However, due to international complications and other issues, the Lions TT was unable to purchase inventory for this coming event. We are sad to hear this, but we plan on giving each of the faculty a free KodaKey to show you all how great these accessories really are. Ask them about it and come back to buy one for yourself with free shipping on kodakey.com

The KodaKey Motorcycle Keyrings

We all have seen scratches around the ignition. They are pretty annoying and unpleasant to say the least. The owners of the KodaKey saw the same thing and were determined to fix the problem.

The KodaKey prevents motorcycle key scratches like this on a Triumph T100
The KodaKey prevents motorcycle key scratches like this

We first took the other keys off, but that resulted in getting locked out of our houses. Then we came up with this leather design which is stylish and useful. The KodaKey is the only motorcycle accessory that allows multiple keys on a motorcycle key ring. After its launch in 2015, people jumped on the idea and we were sold out. Motorcycle companies such as motorbikewriter.com, motorcycle.com, gixxer.com, cycletrader.com, and youmotorcycle.com all gave positive reviews of our new found product. We are so pleased at the success the KodaKey that we want to celebrate it with the Lions TT and its riders. The KodaKey is no doubt exactly what a motorcycle enthusiast needs.

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