The Top 4 Things to consider when buying your dream motorcycle – Part 2

There’s a right and a wrong way to do just about anything. Here at KodaKey, we’ve compiled a list of the 4 most important things to consider when buying your dream motorcycle, if you’ve never bought or ridden one before. In this special two-part article, we bring you the results of experience in purchasing large investments, to help you in your goal. For the other top 2 things to consider, take a look at Part 1 of this two-part special: https://kodakey.com/the-motorcycle-life/2015/02/buying-your-dream-motorcycle-part1/

3) Stay safe – Forget the stories of people getting stabbed in parking lots by people they met over online classifieds; there are other reasons to be cautious when buying something. The most important thing is to take a good look at the motorcycle and test it as much as you can before you show any money. I’ve come close to buying a bike just because I didn’t want to keep calling and texting people all over the place, but after some test driving, realized the bike was just too small for my needs.

What helps here is to be honest and stick to your dream from Step 1 (see Part 1 of this two-part series here: https://kodakey.com/the-motorcycle-life/2015/02/buying-your-dream-motorcycle-part1/). Now you start to see why experience is so valuable here.  Be both objective and subjective. Does this motorcycle match your dream or not? Yes, searching, calling, texting and emailing will get really old, really fast. But if you settle for something you know in the pit of your stomach you will never fully like, you’ll regret it from the very first time you ride it after forking over the money. Stick to your dream and you won’t regret it.

After testing the too-small bike I mentioned above, I reluctantly declined to buy and went back home empty handed and disappointed. But how grateful I was a day or two later, to find a special deal on Craigslist that had the perfect bike, along with a helmet, for about half the price of the too-small bike. If you know this is not the motorcycle for you, hang in there and be patient, be firm but polite as you decline, don’t show any money and offer to help them put the motorcycle back on their trailer so they can take it back, to show you’re serious about not buying. Then get out of there and keep trying to find your dream bike. You’ll be way more satisfied.

4) Protect your investment – Once you’ve found your new ride, you need to protect it. If this bike is your dream machine, then it makes sense to take care of it the right way. There are the no-brainer items, such as using a storing cover when you’re not riding to protect from rain, snow and dust if you’re parked outside, or driving safely to avoid crashes (who actually does that though, right? I mean, c’mon!).

Beyond that, there are things that first time riders will never have considered. Elsewhere on KodaKey, we have a helpful post on the importance of Frame Sliders (You can actually find it here: https://kodakey.com/the-motorcycle-life/2015/02/frame-sliders-prepared-worst/). Also, if you followed Step 1, then you should have found a mechanic that can help you maintain your bike. If you stick to the maintenance plan, your bike will last a good, long time.

But of course the most important thing, at least in our point of view, is to protect the area around your key hole. We’re proud of the product we’re developing, that can protect your bike from your keys. Your keys don’t know any better, but you do. Feel free to learn more about KodaKey by taking a look around the site, and happy riding!

For more about the Koda Key itself, visit https://kodakey.com/the-motorcycle-life/2015/02/motorcycle-keys-scratch-dashboard-solution-kodakey/

For the other top 2 things to consider, take a look at Part 1 of this two-part special: https://kodakey.com/the-motorcycle-life/2015/02/buying-your-dream-motorcycle-part1/

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