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Renting a Triumph T100 Experience

Prevent motorcycle key scratches

Triumph T100 motorcycles are classy, which is why my brother rented one for his wedding. When the Triumph T100 arrived from Eagle Rider rentals, all looked sleek and nice except one particular area around the ignition. It turns out that the extra key kept hitting along side of the frame and eventually chipped the paint off. Unfortunately, this is a common issue with all motorcycles, not just Triumph bikes.

Here at KodaKey, we saw this issue and decided to come up with our own solution to prevent this from happening. Why not create a leather jacket for our keys? Most riders have some sort of leather jacket already, so wrapping your keys in the same fabric seems to make sense. The KodaKey will stay in place while you are on the road and you don’t have to worry about scratches. The KodaKey features a magnetic snap that makes the holder easy to open an close.

Protect your triple tree from motorcycle key scratches
KodaKey motorcycle keychain
The New Motorcycle KeyRings
Protect your triple tree from motorcycle key scratches
Protect your triple tree from motorcycle key scratches

The best things about the KodaKey are

  • Prevents key scratches and preserve the value of your bike
  • Reduce key rattle
  • Keep up to 6 keys on your key ring
  • 100% Genuine Leather: Durable and stylish
  • Magnetic Snap: Easily secures keys
  • Fit thick plastic keys too
  • Doesn’t move around while in the ignition, even on cruisers!

So whether you are dealing with Triumph T100 motorcycle scratches or any other bike, the KodaKey is for you.

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